Cumberland Consulting Group - Leading People to Business Excellence

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How you go about your business is as important as what you do.

Cumberland Consulting Group began providing innovative strategic solutions in partnership with Australian organisations in 1990. We now provide our services to a broad range of industries and organisations of various sizes and complexity. We continue to be innovative through research, working in partnership and adding value to Australian Organisations as we strive to "Lead People To Business Excellence".

We believe that leaders in any type of organisation need to understand where they are leading the organisation, what culture they need to have to optimise the organisation's effectiveness and which leaders fit and can be done to develop them to their full potential.

The development of Strategic Plans has been succesfully completed across a range of industries and organisation types.  Our point of difference is we provide a process for the plan to be rolled out across the organisation.  Without this; it is often just "left on the shelf".

Major improvements in how an organisation's culture is mapped ,and what can be done to align a culture with the desired direction, have been achieved by us in recent years. This has come from our research and highly successful projects in partnership with our clients.  In the current economic climate, where M&A activity is prolific, this methodology is capable of determing the likely success of a proposed takeover.  Contact Jon Bilson to understand the potential improvement in your M&A investment, either as buyer or seller.