Cumberland Consulting Group - Leading People to Business Excellence

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Our Values

Innovation: We value the creation of new services and products that are commercially applicable and will facilitate the drive toward business excellence.  We do this through personal growth, research and a willingness to measure the success of our projects.
Sharing: We value sharing our learning with colleagues reflecting on our work with clients in order to build a strong sense of team.  We do this through team consultation on projects, searching for ways to do better next time and working together to derive the best possible outcomes in our work.
Fun: We value fun and enjoyment in our work with a focus on bringing this to our clients in a professional manner.  We do this by delivering services that provide the required outcomes in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere aimed at maximising individual’s experiences.
Accountability: We value personal and team accountability among all our team members aimed at deriving the outcomes promised on time to the standards expected. We do this through careful project management and regular consultation and communication.