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Online 360° Feedback Questionnaire

Great leadership underpins the drive towards Business Excellence. Leaders require highly developed skills to work with and motivate a focussed team toward achieving the agreed business goals. Receiving feedback on how they impact on their team members can be vital in assisting leaders to accomplish this outcome.

Increasingly, organisations are incorporating 360° feedback (or multi-source performance assessment) into their performance management and coaching processes.

Research indicates:

Obtaining feedback from an individual’s immediate circle of influence can provide powerful insights from those with direct knowledge of a person’s work behaviours.

Traditional appraisals have been limited to one person’s perspective only. Receiving feedback from multi-sources provides more honest, reliable and valid results than are available through traditional approaches.
360° feedback is a compelling method of performance management and highly effective precursor to change for both individuals and organisations as a whole. When the individual performance of numbers of people is changed in a co-ordinated way then this can lead to change in the overall performance of the organisation.

Contact us to develop a 360 degree feedback process based on your competency framework, or the competency framework we identify. The online 360 questionnaires are easy to complete and the resulting report is a comprehensive resource that assists the leader in developing their action plan.