Leading People To Business Excellence

We believe that leaders in any type of organisation need to understand where they are leading the organisation, what culture they need to have to optimise the organisation’s effectiveness and which leaders fit and what can be done to develop them to their full potential.

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Aligned People

“You have to learn to treat people as a resource… you have to ask not what do they cost, but what is the yield, what can they produce?” – Peter F. Drucker

Our research and client case studies show that without people being aligned to the organisation’s culture the probability of achieving business excellence is significantly diminished. Effective induction of New Employees creates enlightened people who understand ‘How We Do Things’ and ensures the maintenance of a Tight and Elite Culture.

Significant evidence abounds to show that poor selection decisions compounded by inappropriate induction, lead to costly turnover in the early years. Our methodologies encompass the recognition of these issues and contribute to world class selection systems and optimally effective induction through complete engagement and alignment of the people.

Our methodology builds on the induction through the creation of high awareness as to how we ‘Live the Values’ in the organisation. The creation of an expectation of Loyalty and Discipline produces Accountability. The reinforcement of this expectation comes through informal and formal processes including recognition.

Complete alignment of people is achieved through the maintenance of a Tight and Elite Culture.

Cumberland team members have successfully addressed the following symptoms which indicate a misalignment of people.

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