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We believe that leaders in any type of organisation need to understand where they are leading the organisation, what culture they need to have to optimise the organisation’s effectiveness and which leaders fit and what can be done to develop them to their full potential.

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Your HR Advisor

What is YHRA?

‘Your Human Resources Advisors’

YHRA is a service designed for growing businesses of about 30 to 100 people. It is of particular benefit when the owners of the business find themselves increasingly spending their time managing day to day people issues rather than more strategic issues related to the achievement of business excellence.

The usual solution is to create a Human Resources (HR) department by hiring a relatively inexperienced human resources officer which creates added costs to the infrastructure of the business.

The alternative is to embrace Cumberland’s “YHRA”. This is a fully integrated ‘in-sourcing’ solution. Cumberland becomes part of your management team and helps implement your business strategy. Our people have expertise in the broad spectrum of HR services to support your people and to ensure that they can be maximally productive.

HR advisors are available to assist with:

  • Strategic HR planning and forecasting
  • Use of culture and values to support the business systems
  • Recruitment and selection assistance and a generic Selection System (Shortlist)
  • Alignment of HR practices with business objectives
  • A Performance Management System linked to business improvement through a generic system (Shortlist)
  • OH&S policies and practices
  • Organisational development and employee learning
  • Organise and/or conduct training
  • Job analysis, design and evaluation
  • Leadership and supervision competency frameworks
  • High performance work teams
  • Global HR strategy and policy
  • Reward and recognition programmes
  • Develop and deliver induction training
  • Managing retention and turnover
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Manage employee entitlements/compensation/allowances
  • Psychological assessment of suitability for appointment or promotion

What do our clients say?

The ‘Your HR Advisor’ is a great service and we have been very happy with the delivery and outcomes that have been achieved. Cumberland’s expertise and commitment has enabled us to put in place strong strategic HR foundations which have facilitated the development of a vibrant and dynamic company culture. We strongly recommend Cumberland’s ‘Your HR Advisor’ service to expand the success of any organisation – Thanks Cumberland

Chairman of Partners, Patent Attorneys

Cumberland’s Your HR Advisor service has helped us make significant gains with the management of our people and the development of our desired organisational culture. Cumberland provides a wide range of expertise to support the on ground delivery provided by one committed person against agreed plans and measures

CEO Aviation industry

Questions for you on your Business

  1. Would you like to have more time to spend on growing your business?
  2. Could your leaders have better skills to deal with staff performance issues effectively?
  3. Do you think too much of your time is spent dealing with trivial people issues?
  4. Can your leadership team work better?
  5. Do you seem to have more issues around values and culture than before?
  6. Could productivity can be improved?
  7. Are good workers hard to find?
  8. Is it hard to keep good people?
  9. Can the work place culture and attitudes in your workplace be better?
  10. Are the changes to employment legislation hard to keep up with?
  11. Could your people be better aligned with your business plan?
  12. Is your selection system not producing the best people?
  13. Do you have a strategic plan in place but implementation and roll out is not overall effective?

If you find yourself answering YES to these questions, then Cumberland’s YHRA can help you solve them.

Contact us to discuss how Cumberland’s YHRA can help solve these problems for your growing business.

What Industries is Cumberland’s YHRA being Utilised?

Cumberland’s YHRA can be utilised wherever there exists the need to develop a solid HR foundation for a growing business. We only have highly experienced HR professionals providing the YHRA service, backed by the Cumberland team of business consultants. We focus on getting the right person, with the right skills and experience, who will work with your culture to deliver the outcomes you require.

Cumberland’s growing YHRA service has been utilised in the following industries:

  • Professional services
  • Resource sector – mining
  • Transport
  • IT
  • Logistics – Freight services
  • Construction
  • Not for Profit

What is the Business Case for Cumberland’s YHRA?

You’re in business, so you’re quite right to ask ‘What is the business case for Cumberland’s YHRA?

Non Financial Benefits:

  • Greater time for you as an owner to work ‘ON’ developing and growing your business.
  • Enhanced strategic and long term focus for your business.
  • Your HR advisor will represent someone with wide ranging skills and expertise at your service so the quality of outcomes is greater than if you employed a single HR manager.
  • Cumberland’s Your HR advisor works with you to achieve the objectives you need in your business
  • Clear outcomes with milestones agreed prior to commencement of work
  • Innovative solutions from other industries and companies are available
  • Use of off-site board room for training or meetings
  • Professional development for the human resources function is carried by Cumberland Consulting Group, so there is no lost time, plus the benefit of a competent up to date “HR Advisor”
  • Objective, professional advice drawing on Cumberland’s expertise and experience

Financial Benefits:

YHRA provides you with the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of sophisticated HR practices in your business. This foundation provides your business with a number of financial benefits. This is what some of the research tells us:

  • The work of Professor Mark Huselid of Rutgers University indicates that in a study of 968 firms, by increasing the sophistication of Human Resource practices by one standard deviation in the following areas:
    • Recruitment/Selection
    • Performance Management
    • Remuneration
    • Grievance Procedures
    • Information Sharing
    • Empowerment Strategies
    • Assessment of Attitudes

Led to an increase in profit per employee of US$7,868 per annum and in the market value of the firm of US$33,250 per employee (Huselid, 1994). This equates to an increase in profit of A$10,500 per employee (April,2006 exchange rate).

  • Greater use of sophisticated HR practices leads to lower turnover and increased productivity as measured by revenue per employee (Huselid 2002).
  • Cumberland’s YHRA approaches underpin the development of strong company cultures. Companies with strong cultures outperform those with weaker cultures (Kotter & Heskett).
Measures Strong Culture Weak Culture
Increase Revenues 682% (av) 166%(av)
Expanded Workforce 282% 36%
Growth in Stock Price 901% 74%
Improved net incomes 756% 1%
  • The costs of replacing people can vary greatly. Business today is focused on retaining people to reduce the impact of these costs, maintain business momentum and reduce the loss of organisational knowledge. Cumberland’s YHRA focuses on improving retention through improving relationships between leaders and staff, developing people,assisting staff with career development, and assisting with the design of jobs to provide greater challenge. According to research more than 50% of staff view these areas as the major reasons why they stay in an organisation (SITORA).
  • Cumberland’s YHRA can focus on improving the sophistication of how you select people for your company. Improving your selection practices provides the foundation to select higher performing workers. Above average workers, compared to average workers can provide from 16% to 40% (conservatively) greater productivity for your company. So in a year, for a $40,000 job, the above average worker will produce from $6,400 to $16,000 more than the average worker.

Other Financial Benefits:

  • For the same cost of employing an inexperienced HR professional you can have your own HR Adviser backed by Cumberland’s professional team.
  • You can terminate the contract without the penalties such as dismissal claims, redundancy or notice in lieu, which would be required for an employed HR manager
  • Full year coverage with no ‘down time’ from holidays and other types of leave
  • Minimal overheads such as office space, computers or phone bills, which can add 30% to the cost of an employed HR manager

Contact us to discuss the business case on how Cumberland’s YHRA can work for your business’s bottom line.

Questions to Consider if YOU Take no Action

Will your business’s full potential be realised if you can’t spend the time working ‘ON’ the business?

Will you be in a position to effectively and efficiently manage the growth of your business?

What impact will there be on your clients and the quality of your products and services if staff issues are not resolved?

If HR practices are not integrated into the business fully, what effect will it have on your capacity as a company to hold onto your best staff?

Will long term gains be jeopardised for short term returns?

If staff are spending time on issues that important to them how will it impact on your businesses productivity?

If management attention is drawn to day to day operational issues and away from strategic matters, what are the consequences for your business?

Contact us to discuss how this can work for your growing business

Who is Cumberland?

We are a team of professions with specialist expertise in the areas of business, human resources and organisational psychology. We’ve been leading people to business excellence in WA since 1990.

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