Leading People To Business Excellence

We believe that leaders in any type of organisation need to understand where they are leading the organisation, what culture they need to have to optimise the organisation’s effectiveness and which leaders fit and what can be done to develop them to their full potential.

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Agreed Direction

Clarity of direction is critical for business excellence. Our research indicates that Agreed Direction is dependent on the Business Plan, the Organisation's Culture and the Engagement of the Top Team

Aligned Systems and Processes

Business Excellence is a function of Agreed Direction and Aligned People supported by Aligned Systems And Processes

Aligned People

Complete alignment of people is achieved through the maintenance of a Tight and Elite Culture

Your HR Advisor

This is a fully integrated ‘in-sourcing' solution. Cumberland becomes part of your management team and helps implement your business strategy



Selecting people who fit the culture of the organisation and have the competencies to be effective in the job

EQ-i (Emotional Intelligence)

EQ-i 2.0 measures an array of non cognitive capabilities, competencies and skills that influence an individual’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures.


Increasing the power of leaders through feedback, self awareness, and coaching

Culture Mapping

This allows your current culture to mapped against your desired culture and values.  The results allows a specific focus upon a few values or behaviours or even a specific department or team

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